What do we do at Ohio Tutoring?!

Every student receives a binder that they can practice with even when I am not with your child! I try to personalize their binders. I like to spend a couple session with your child to get a good understanding on what they like and where they stand academically.

Each page is in a clear plastic insert so the students can use expo markers on the pages and reuse the pages! Many start with their name, days of the week, letter tracing, sight words, small reading passages, math problems, and much more depending on your child’s level.

Holding a pencil the correct way to create the best letters is a skill that must be taught most times. I like to start our sessions with writing first and last name along with 4-5 sight words they don’t know. The notebook is kept to watch our handwriting grow from the start of our sessions to the end!

I have created this moveable and laminated calendar to help build skills that will help late in life. Knowing what month, day of the week, seasons, and weather are all skills that must be taught at a young age. We have stars that can be moved to the correct today, tomorrow, and yesterday. We always review the season and month and when it changes we have discussion on what makes it different from the last. Paying attention to the atmosphere is important and having your child pick the image that best fit the day is a skill that often needs to be taught. We also try to talk about the temperature by using descriptive words and talking about the different things we would wear outside because of the temperature. There are also movable letters and numbers plus extra in a separate container so we can practice creating numbers and words when we are ready.

If we are interested in purchasing your calendar own board with movable parts please contact me by phone or email for details!